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  • novel: "Owls in the Family" by Farley Mowat
  • KWL chart (provided)
  • Venn diagram (provided)


  • To activate prior knowledge of owls before beginning reading the novel
  • To activate prior knowledge of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan before reading
  • To facilitate metacognition and organize thoughts through use of graphic organizers


Resource Instructions

Introduce KWL chart to students. As a class, complete the K ("know") and W ("want to know") sections. Fill in the final section as students read the novel.

Introduce the setting of the novel: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Have students use books or the Internet to find infomation about the province and compare it to their own home location. Students can continue to add information as they read the novel.

These pre-reading activities are a part of a larger novel study/literature unit. The full novel study includes comprehension and higher-order thinking questions as well as an engaging activity/graphic organizer for each chapter. The full novel study can be viewed at: []


Extend this pre-reading lesson by using ideas and materials from  the full "Owls in the Family" literature unit: []

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