There are 4 assets for this resource.


  • Smart Board
  • Smart Board Activity Finding Elapsed Time
  • Student worksheet Finding Elapsed Time
  • Student hand held clocks
  • Math notebook or other paper
  • Teacher Clock
  • Teacher-Made practice sheet (not included)


  • The students will be able to calculate elapsed time.

Resource Instructions

1.  Teach and model the steps in finding elapsed time using the first slide in the attached Smart Board activity.  The students will count the hours first, and then the minutes when finding elapsed time.  The arrows on the digital clock can be clicked to change the analog clock.  This will show students what happens to the clock as hours and minutes go by.  Move the rectangle in step three to show the answer.  Students can follow along with a print out of the steps using the attached student sheet.

2.  Use the elapsed time practice website on slide 2 for individual practice.  With this site, students move the clock hands on the smart board to help them through the steps in finding elapsed time.  They can move the hour hand, then the minute hand.  Students not at the smart board, can be calculating the elapsed time on paper.

3.  Have students practice with a teacher-made worksheet.


1.  The students can create a schedule using starting and ending times to plan a trip to the zoo.  You can find zoo maps on certain zoo websites to help students choose exhibits.  I use the Bronx Zoo map printed from their site. 

2.  Have students create a video with a set time limit that can be used for new students.  They can plan out what should be included in the video to welcome new students and acclimate them to the school, and how long each segment will take.  Then video tape them and use the video throughout the year when new students begin.

3.  Use the attached math websites to continue practicing finding elapsed time.


Teacher observation.
Independent worksheet completed.

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  • Attachments:

    1. NOTEBOOKElapsed Time Smart Board Activity (download)

    2. DOCOther Elapsed Time Online Activities (download)

    3. DOCElapsed Time Student Sheet (download)

    4. DOCWebsites for exploring elapsed time (download)

Posted by: S.Birnbaum

Hi Laura, I love your lesson, especially the handouts. I don't have the Smart Board software so I couldn't see the first asset. Do you know if it will work on other interactive whiteboards other than Smart Boards? Stav

Posted by: bvanderham

I have been trying to download this activity but it will not download. Is there something wrong with the link? I would really like to have this. My students are having a hard time with elapsed time.

Posted by: crafther

not much to work with here!