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  1. Teaching Appositives
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  • Sentence strips
  • Markers
  • Examples of sentences containing appositives
  • Smart Board


  • Students will identify appositives and the correct use of commas when including appositives in a sentence.
  • Students will create their own sentences containing appositives.

Resource Instructions

1. The teacher will lead a brief discussion about what an appositive is and the type of punctuation needed when including one in a sentence.

2. The teacher will show students examples of sentences containing an appositive and explain that the sentence would still make sense even if the appositive was removed. This can be done by sharing sentences on the smart board and allowing the students to erase the appositive after the class has identified it.

3. Write a sentence containing an appositive on a sentence strip and model how to fold the strip so that the appositive can be hidden and the sentence can be read without it. (One way to fold the strip is to fold it into a Z-shape with the first fold being before the first comma and the second fold being after the second comma)

4. After modeling this procedure with a few sentences, have students work with a partner to develop their own sentences. The teacher can monitor this activity and help any students who need it.

5. After students have completed their sentence strips, bring the class back to carpet and allow students to share their sentences. Have the students first read the whole sentence and then have the class identify the appositive. The students will then fold their sentence strips to see if it still makes sense after hiding the appositive.


Sentence strips correctly folded to hide the appositive while still making sense.

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Posted by: Iroquois

I am still wondering which one would be the appositive. I was under the impression that the part of the description of the noun was the appositive but today they told me it is the position not the description. Still confused.