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  • A fireman book
  • Fireman paper doll
  • Fireman clothes pieces
  • Glue (optional)


  • To promote knowledge of community helpers
  • To build sequencing skills
  • To promote memory skills of events on a previous day

Resource Instructions

When the firemen come to our school in October, they always emphasize the clothes they wear and the order in which they put them on.

The day after the visit, during Large Group/ Circle Time, encourage a discussion about the firemen's visit.

  • What did they see?
  • What do firemen do?
  • What do they ride in?
  • What do they wear?
  • Etc.

I have the children play the Simon Says game they played during the visit. It has them act out putting on the clothes- Jump in boots, Pull up pants and Red Suspenders, Put arms in jacket and Dirty Sock on head, Put gloves on hand, put Helmet on head.

After reading a firemen story, I show them a sample of the game they're going to be playing (I put magnet pieces on the back so I don't have to try to hold it all). We label each item and put them on the on the fireman in order.

Before the lesson, you will need to have copies of the fireman made and pattern pieces traced and cut. At Small Group/ Craft/Table Time, have a fireman and clothes for each child. Instruct the children place the items of clothing on the fireman in the correct order.


Rather than having them glue the pieces together, provide sandwich bags for pieces to go in and send it home as a School to Home activity


Do a visual check to see who understands the concept.

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    1. Fully Dressed Fireman

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    3. Pattern pieces 1

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    5. Half Dressed

      JPGHalf Dressed