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PK - 8
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  • Teacher Created Wiki or Webpage(s)
  • Pre-selected books and / or magazines on assigned owls
  • Computers
  • Student Data Collection Sheet


  1. Students will be able to read and interpret information online and in books.
  2. Students will be able to use this information to answer questions about an assigned owl.
  3. Students will be able to, with help, rewrite the information they gather into a coherent essay.
  4. Students will be able to discuss what “plagiarism” means.
  5. Students will be able to use Microsoft Word to type and format their essay.
  6. Students will be able to, with help, add a picture of their assigned owl to their report.

Resource Instructions

  1. Teacher will create an information-gathering sheet to help students collect information from the website and / or books on their assigned owl.
  2. Teacher will create a wiki ( []) or a webpage using the information collected from   See sample here: []
  3. A sample owl species (either one not assigned to a student or one assigned to a student that needs more assistant) will be used as an example on the Smartboard or LCD projector.
  4. Each student will be given an information-gathering sheet and they will work together as a class to gather information about this owl with the information on the Smartboard or LCD projector.
  5. Together as a class, the teacher will create an essay from the information gathered.  Discussion about plagerism and putting things in their own words will be discussed.
  6. Students will be paired up, and each pair assigned an owl.
  7. Students will be given an information-gathering sheet and have one class period to work on it along with their partner.
  8. Students will take their sheet home, and have one week to complete the information gathering for homework. (Wiki or webpage should be shared with the parents as the location to gather information.)
  9. Students will have one additional class period, to work with their partner comparing notes, and adding to their sheet if needed.
  10. Students will use X number of class periods (not sure how many based on the new writing protocol), using the new writing protocol, to turn their notes into an essay.
  11. Students will use Word to type up their essay. 
  12. Students will print out a draft of their essay.
  13. Students will work with the classroom teacher to edit their essay.
  14. Students will edit using Word.
  15. Students will find a picture of their owl on the Internet and add it to their report.
  16. Students will print their final report.


Using a Wiki or Webpage to rewrite information in a common format using grade-level appropriate language is a great tool for any project.  It does take time, but once created, can easily be updated and used year after year.


Students are able to gather, understand, reword and combine information from at least two sources.

Students are able to edit their work.

Students are able to write a five-paragraph, coherant essay.

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