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  1. Latitude and Longitude
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  • *longitude and latitude degree signs for ceiling, coordinates in a cup
    *Earth Ball or globe
    *map of the USA with a map grid


  • *Students will be able to discuss the meaning of latitude and longitude
    *Students will be apply knowledge of key vocabulary terms to play game   
       involving lines of longitude and latitude
    *Vocab: compass rose, locator globe, inset map

Resource Instructions

1. Teacher will throw Earth Ball with small sticky note attached to students and have them try to describe its location. The teacher will then ask, “What would have made this easier?” This will lead into a review of latitude and longitude lines.
2. Teacher will show students a map of the US with coordinates and will point out certain locations. Students will try to guess which state the teacher is referring to.
3. The teacher will have a student spot a place on the ceiling and the teacher will then find that point.
4. Students will play a game using the Earth Ball and ceiling degrees. The students will find a place under two intersecting lines. The teacher will throw the ball to a student in the room and they will state their coordinates.
5. Students will play a game in which they choose intersecting lines to stand under. The teacher will choose latitude and longitude coordinates out of a cup. If the student is standing under those particular coordinates, the student is out. The game will continue until only a few are standing.


The teacher will assess student knowledge of concepts by asking the students to specify their coordinates around the room during the games.

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