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10 to 30
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fingerprint worksheet


  • For the kindergarten social studies student to identify a police officer as a community worker and what that job entails so that when given oral questions during the lesson they will be able to correctly answer those questions.

Resource Instructions

  1. Look at the cover of the book. Ask students what they thing the story will be about.
  2. Ask student what they already know about police officers.
  3. Read story about police officer.
  4. Discuss story.
  5. Ask: Is a police officer a community helper? (L)
  6. Police officers are community helpers because they keep us safe.
  7. Ask: How do you know? (H)
  8. Ask: What does a police officer do? (H)
  9. They protect people. Police officers make sure everyone follows the law.

10. Ask: Do you know what a law is? (rules)

11. Why do we have rules?

12. Ask: What else do you think they do? (H)

13. Ask: Have you ever met a police officer? (L)

14. Ask: What does his uniform look like?(L)

15. Teach the students about how they help the community and fight crime.

16. Make sure to teach the children that police officers are good and children should not be afraid of them.

17. Make sure to reintroduce 9-1-1 and speak about safety and strangers.

18. One thing police do is take fingerprints. We are going to put make our own fingerprints.

19. Have students return to their tables and pass the inkpad around and make fingerprints in the squares on the worksheet.

Have the students return to the carpet to review what they learned.



Use probing questions to assist students having trouble as needed.



  • Aurally assess for understanding during lesson.

Fingerprint worksheet

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