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  • For the Kindergarten math student to describe and demonstrate the meaning of spatial relationships above, below, over and under so that when given a worksheet to assess their understanding they will be able to locate above, below, over and under correctly.

Resource Instructions

Hook – The jump rope activity.

Procedures –

  • Have the students meet me on the carpet.
  • Hold an object over the book and ask if the object is above or below the book?
  • Hold an object below the book and ask if the object is above or below the book?
  • Begin the lesson by reading the book.
  • Draw a horizontal line on the board.
  • Demonstrate to the class the meaning of over, under, above, and below.
  • Pick up an object and ask students if it is in or out of my hand?
  • Place the item on the table and ask the students if it is in our out of my hand now?
  • Ask the students how they can tell the difference between in and out?
  • Have two students hold the ends of a jump rope while the remaining students take turns.
  • Ask students to walk over or under the rope and call out “over” or “under” as appropriate.
  • Put a hand above or below the rope and call out “above” or “below” as appropriate.
  • Continue until all students have had a turn.
  • As the students move over and under the rope ask questions:
    • Where is the rope when you walk over it?
    • Where is the rope when you walk under it?
    • Where is the rope when you put your hand above it?
    • Where is the rope when you put your hand below it?
    • How do the words over, under, above, and below help you during clean-up time?
  • Pass out the worksheets and have students return to their tables.
  • Tell students to wait for directions before they begin.
  • When students are at their desks for the written activity have them hold an object the movements of over or under their arm and holding the object over or under their table.
  • Worksheet (page 9):
    • Put your finger of the fish.
    • Circle the rabbit that is above the table.
    • Mark an X on the rabbit that is below the table.
    • Put your finger on the turtle.
    • Circle the object that is below the boat.
    • Mark an X on the object that is under the boat.
  • Worksheet (page 10):
    • Circle the bird that is over the sand castle.
    • Circle the crab that is under the sand castle.
    • Circle the shell that is below the bridge.


Enrichment –

If any students finish before others or if there is time to do this with the entire class:

  • Select one student in the group to give a clue about an object in the classroom.
  • The student must use the words above, below, over, or under to describe where the object is. (For example: the object I am thinking of is above the bookshelf.)
  • The other students in the group must then guess the object.
  • The student sitting next to the first student gives the next clue.

Accommodations –

  • Give the student stuffed animal. Have the student place or hold the stuffed animal over a nearby table. Model a sentence with over or above in it and have the students repeat it with me. (Example: the red bear is above the table.)

Continue with many examples of over and above and then switch to examples using under and below.


Assessment –

  • The students will complete the worksheets.


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Posted by: S.Birnbaum

Two questions: can you post the worksheets? and does it matte which book you read? Thanks! Stav