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  1. Slides Flips and Turns
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  • Promethean board, flip chart, wand or pen for board, actiview projector, worksheets to measure mastery


  • 1.2.E.1.c Identify and demonstrate slides and flips using manipulatives

Resource Instructions

This lesson can be done in three days; one day for each transformation. I introduced slides by having the children stand up and slide to the side with me. We discussed that we did not change direction  but only slid to the side. Then display a book or other object and slid them to the side. After they saw the example, I had them identify other slides that I did at the board. Then we went to the Promethean board flipchart and read about what a slide is and how it doesn't change direction only location. Then we went through the activities of finding the sldies and circling them. AS a follow up the children did the worksheet and identifiesd the slides. The same worksheet was used to identify flips and turns but had different directions.

Day 2: Review slides and have the children draw a slide on the board. Then  take a book and flip it over. They also can use their hands to see how the back shows now. Show children other objects when you have flipped them over. Discuss how they are different. I like to use wooden stencil pieces to show flips. Color the back and decorate the front. When they are flipped it shows a different picture. Because most flips are show facing a different direction be sure to use some plain shapes like a flower that shows a part of it going a new way. Then use the Promethean flipchart for the next section on flips. Do the activities by circling the flips. Follow up with the worksheet asignment on flips.

Day 3; Review slides and flips. Then take a magnetic letter or shape. Display it on the board and then turn it 1/4. Ask children to tell you how it changed and what you did to it. Repeat action with many different objects or shapes. Children got this activity very quickly. Do Promethean flipchart section on turns. Then do worksheet on turns.


Day 1: I had the children use stickers to make slides. They drew a vertical line on theri construction paper and then put stickers on each side to show slides. I have also used shapes cut out of paper, precut shapes from the teacher store, and stencils the children could trace. Label as slides.

Day 2: Do a similar activity to show flips. Have then cut a shape out by folding the paper and cutting it once. It will be a flip. Paste them down and label as a flip.

Day 3: Repeat activity but use them to show turns. Label

Then display the 3 pictures as a bulletin board of Transformations.


Use the worksheets to assess mastery of each skill or

Give children a magnetic letter and have them trace it. Tell them to show a slide, flip and turn by using the same letter. Identify the children who can't do it correctly for more work in a small group.

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Posted by: S.Birnbaum

Will the flip chart asset work with any interactive whiteboard or just Promethean?