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Today’s lesson will use a variety of materials in an attempt to satisfy the established objectives.

  • Six bags with a variety of objects places inside
  • Index cards with a specific group labeled for each student
  • Post-it notes
  • Brainstorm guideline
  • Descriptive sentence starter worksheet
  • Paper
  • Pencils/pens


To implement descriptive writing techniques discovered in Language Arts class.

Resource Instructions

Today’s activity will commence with a brief skit performed by six students.  Following the display, a role-playing scenario will begin.  Students will be placed in heterogeneous groups (according to a random selection process) to observe and sort through a mysterious bag that is place within their group.  As a group, the students will need to brainstorm and record ideas on a provided guide sheet.  A time limit will be set.  At the conclusion of the establish time period (dependent on the class dynamic) I will inform the students to reach under their desk to locate a number.  This number will direct students to form another heterogeneous group in order to create a jigsaw effect.  Students will now transform into acting as a different character.  This group will have to collaborate in order to create a descriptive essay.  One student will continue the sentence starter that is on their paper.  After that student has completed a sentence they will pass the writing to someone else within the group in which they will have to continue the story from the last student’s sentence.  This process will continue to rotate until each student has contributed to the paper, and the group feels the paper is completed with all the necessary requirements.  Once the paper is completed students will work together to edit and revise the descriptive story.

I also made signs of the names of each superhero to put on the tables for the groups.  Ex. The Hulk


To establish that the objective was met, each group will submit their descriptive essay at the conclusion of the period.  This will serve as a summative form of assessment, which will allow you to plan and restructure lesson formats for future instruction.

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