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  1. Christmas Synonym Lesson
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  1. 10.   Materials:

Small artificial Christmas tree, Book: Splendiferous Christmas by Jane O’Connor, jingle bells, ornaments, list of various Christmas phrases

Resource Instructions

  1. Grade Level: 2nd               Subject: English Language Arts and Reading – Synonyms
  2. 2.       Objectives:   
  • Students will listen to a reading of Splendiferous Christmas.
  • Students will jingle a bell each time they here a synonym for a word mentioned in the book.
  • Students will create a synonym from a group of various Christmas words, phrases and sentences. Students will write their synonym on a Christmas ornament.
  • Students will share their synonyms with the class.


§110.4. English Language Arts and Reading, Grade 2.

(2) Listening/speaking/culture. The student listens and speaks to gain knowledge of his/her own culture, the culture of others, and the common elements of cultures. The student is expected to:

(A) connect experiences and ideas with those of others through speaking and listening (K-3); and

(B) compare language and oral traditions (family stories) that reflect customs, regions, and cultures (K-3).

(16) Writing/spelling. The student spells proficiently. The student is expected to:

(A) use resources to find correct spellings, synonyms, and replacement words (1-3)


  1. 3.       Focus:

To capture students’ attention I will bring in a small artificial Christmas tree, and I will ask the students if they have decorated for Christmas at their homes. After their responses, I will ask them if the tree I have brought looks good or interesting. If they say no, I will ask them what could make it look better especially during Christmastime.

  1. 4.       Explanation and Monitoring:

I will explain to the students that just as ornaments and lights make a Christmas tree look more interesting, synonyms can make our writing more interesting and better. I will tell students that synonyms are words that have the same meaning. I will give the students an example of a sentence that includes a synonym for improvement.

“Last weekend it was cold.”

 “Last weekend it was frigid.”

At this point, to monitor students’ understanding of the importance of synonyms I will ask them to choose the sentence that sounded better, or more interesting.

  1. 5.       Guided Practice:

In order to extend my explanation, I will read Splendiferous Christmas by Jane O’Connor. I will explain to the students that the main character Nancy mentions several synonyms in her story when she says “____ is a fancy word for ___”. I will pass out jingle bells to each student as ask them to ring their bell after they hear which word is meant by the fancy words in her story.

  1. 6.       Independent Practice:

Students will now have the chance to create their own synonyms as they draw from various Christmas phrases and sentences from a box. Students will be asked to create a synonym for the word that is highlighted in red on their phrase. Students will be given Christmas ornaments to write their synonyms on. Students will be told to prepare to read their phrases/sentences with their new synonyms inserted to the class.

  1. 7.       Correctives:

If a student cannot grasp the concept of synonyms I will work with them individually. I may bring examples of objects that have several names such as hat/cap, soda/coke, etc. I may also introduce these students to thesauruses so that they can understand how to locate synonyms when they begin writing a story. These students could also get practice with synonyms by playing the “Synonym Toast” game at a computer center found at the following link: [].


  1. 8.       Extensions:

To connect the newly learned information to the students’ lives I will have them write a short story about how they spend Christmas with their families. Students will be asked to include as many synonyms as possible in their stories. I would ask the students to underline their synonyms as well as to share their stories with the class. Students could also write letters to Santa while including multiple synonyms.


  1. 9.       Closure:

To end the lesson I will have each student share the synonym they have written on their ornaments. Each student will hang their ornament on our tree. We will have a brief discussion about how our Christmas tree looks better with ornament, just like our stories will be more interesting to read when we include several synonyms in them.



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Posted by: S.Birnbaum

Really nice! I like the reading component as well as the online reinforcement.