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  • Post it Notes
  • Highlighters
  • Composition books to record ideas and summaries
  • Non fiction articles or books to read
  • LCD projector and Document reader


  • The goal for the student is to read, marking new ideas and details as they go , on an article they use highlighters and post it notes
  • I have kids record questions they have as they read
  • After reading they summarize what they've read using bullets to help them simplify their writing (items must be brief)
  • Students keep a journal or log throughout the year as we read material


Resource Instructions

At the beginning of the year I model , model, model for several weeks as the class reads a science or social studies article.  I use a compostion book and record my questions as I go.  At the conclusion I check to see if my questions were answered or if I need to do some additional reading.

After I model writing down the main ideas with bulleted details, at the end I write a 3-5 sentence paragraph summarizing the main ideas.  I keep these in the composition book to use as reference throughout the year. As I am completing my note taking I use an LCD with document reader so the students can follow along, and I circulate to make sure they are keeping pace with me. 


I have used this mostly with social studies and science, but I find that some of the skills transfer to other reading the kids are doing (note taking, summarizing)


Because everything is kept in a composition booklet (bound preferred over spiral notebooks) I collect them every week to monitor their progress. If I see they are not writing much of their thinking in the booklet I will write comments in the booklets.  SO far this has wored fairly well to see how the students are keeping up with science acitivities and social studies reading.

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