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PK - 5
Multiple Subjects
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Less than 10
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  1. The Rock Cycle
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Slade, Suzanne     Cycles in Nature: The Rock Cycle   Rosen Publishing Group, 2007

  • different types of rocks, hand lens, graphic organizer (Venn), pencils
  • Large chart/or smartboard to chart  characteristics of 3 types of rocks


  • Students will have an opportunity to explore, interact, and construct questions and explanations about their rocks.
  • Students will acquire inquiry skills based on observations of their rocks, in particular how different geological locations produce types
  • students will understand the difference between igneous, sedimentary,and metamorphic
  •  Students will keep “field journals” of their observations, questions, and responses. 

Resource Instructions

Vocabulary: geology, igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic


Scope and Sequence:

Mini Lesson: Where can we find rocks? What are words we can use to describe rocks? Why do scientists study them? Show students different rocks? How do you think each rock formed?

  Read part of: The Rock Cycle by Susan Slade

Define the three types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic

Collect a list and chart characteristics (Size, color, texture, patterns, shape, clarity)

Group Work: Students go in groups to observe, classify, and chart rocks left at different tables.   Students will chart: size, color, texture, patterns, shape, and clarity. How are the rocks similar? How are they different?  Complete a Venn diagram. Name each type of rock at your table? 

Accountable questions: What accounts for some of the differences in the rocks?

                                             Is there any way to group your rocks? Why?




Homework: Write a poem about one of the three types of rocks. 

                      Bring in a rock for a local park or nature center.

Differentiate/Enrichment: What advice would you give to someone who wants to choose a “pet rock”?

Why does a rock have a pattern? Could it be repeated?



 Share Venn diagrams among groups

 What can you infer about the results?

Give a short description of one of your rocks and why you think it is igneous, sedimentary or metamorphous?

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