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9 - 12
Multiple Subjects
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10 to 30
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  • Instructions & handout included in the downloads, which are found in the "Assets" tab.
  • Two activities are included: one focusing on the "hunger" theme and comparing the food the district citizens eat with the food Capitol citizens eat.
  • The second activity is a project idea for students to create a commercial/ad for one of the tributes to gain sponsors.  I created last year around Super Bowl time, so I showed my students some Super Bowl commercials on YouTube as examples.  It can be done anytime, though.
  • The third download is a preview of the contents of my digital download unit, as well as the unit on CD, which contains many extras.  It also has a couple of pages of sample handouts.

Resource Instructions

Instructions for the Theme lesson are included in the first download.  There is also a handout for using the games on the Scholastic website, as well.

The second download is a description of my unit that is for sale on the teachers pay teachers website.  It is very extensive & has everything you would need for teaching the book.

I have added multiple other resources, including the alignment of the Common Core Standards for ELA for my units. Please download it so you can see which standards the overall unit covers. Thanks so much!


You can find the entire unit here: []

The entire unit can be found here on CD: [] []

Other lessons: []

For more ideas when using the novel in your classroom, you can read my blog:

Hunger Games Lessons []

I've also created a page with lots of helpful links: Hunger Games Teaching Resources []

My Twitter: @MrsOrman []

And, of course, on Facebook! Hunger Games Lessons on Facebook []

Thank you!

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    1. PDFHunger Games Theme Activity: Food (download)

    2. PDFHunger Games Unit Preview (download)

    3. PDFHunger Games Advertising Project (download)

    4. PDFHGfiles.pdf (download)

    5. PDFHungerGamesTrilogyPreview.pdf (download)

    6. PDFHGcdVdig.pdf (download)

    7. PDFHungerGamesCommonCoreStanda... (download)

    8. PDFHGWhatIfQuestions2.pdf (download)

    9. PDFHungerGamesHalloweenWordFin... (download)

    10. PDFHungerGamesPowerpointPREVIE... (download)

    11. DOCHungerGamesPermissionSlip.doc (download)

    12. PDFHungerGamesPermissionSlip.pdf (download)

    13. PDFHGMoodTone.pdf (download)

    14. PDFHGwhattheyate.pdf (download)

Posted by: S.Birnbaum

This is the same content as "Hunger Games Novel - Theme Activity" (http://teachershare.scholastic...) but I still think it's great.

Posted by: lilbwayne

Have you read The Hunger Games? If not, now’s your chance! Check out Ch. 1… And if you have, make sure to answer the Fan Club question!