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PK - 12
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Less than 10
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  • Practice Spanish vocabulary
  • Get introduced to Hispanic cultures

Resource Instructions

  1. Discuss the word heritage with students. Have a volunteer write student responses on the chalkboard. Explain that the concept of heritage is shaped by one's country of origin; different languages; rituals; foods; traditions; and forms of culture, such as dance and theater.

  2. If you have a piñata, you can introduce the Piñata Concentration activity by bringing a piñata into class and allow students to share their own piñata experiences or any other background knowledge they may have. Then discuss how a piñata is made and what cultures and countries in Latin America incorporate piñatas in their festivities. If you do not have a piñata, you can skip this step.

  3. Depending on the availability of computers, have all students play the Pinata Concentration Game in stations, individually, or in pairs, in a computer lab. Students can practice their Spanish vocabulary if they are bilingual and learn new words if they are not, as there are pictures that accompany each Spanish word.

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