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There are 3 assets for this resource.


  • Balloon (1 for teacher)
  • Construction paper (2 8x12pcs. per student)
  • Elbow noodles

Resource Instructions

Anticipatory Set: 

Today we will be learning about contractions.  What is a contraction?


Blow up a balloon.  Ask, “What happened?”  (Got Bigger = Expanded)

Let the air out.  Ask, “What happened?”  (Got smaller = Contracted)


Explain: To contract means to get smaller


Definition and Purpose:

DEFINE ON SENTENCE STRIP  - A contraction is the short form of two words made into one. 


Robot Practice vs. Personal Voice


We put an apostrophe in place of letters to shorten words and make them less robotic sounding.


Now that we know WHAT contractions are and WHY we use them, let’s practice making some!


Guided Practice:

  • Now remember when we used our robot voices and then our talking voices?  Let’s watch a quick story about a boy and girl who use contractions to express how they feel.   

            Pause to ask what letter was kicked out?

            Pounding together is called what?  CONTRACT (to make smaller)


Remember Alfie the Apostrophe?  Cousin Al loves karate and is here to help us out!

  • Practice using contractions – use ppt

-Popsicle sticks – Al – explain that they will place Al on the letter they think   

                                    he should kick out.   

            -Everyone else – TEACHERS – give me a thumbs up/down


**Any questions so far? 


Partner up – first one to finish correctly


More Practice – I have, who has 



Independent Practice:  Students will make individual flipbooks.

Make contractions (one from each major category) using words   in your baggie.

Write one word on back flap, glue apostrophe where letters are missing.



Extension:  I Have Who Has Game

Worksheets available for those who finish early.


Conclusion/Assessment :  Jeopardy PPT

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