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Afton, TN
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10 to 30
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  1. 2nd Grade Geometry Lesson- Solid Figures Construction
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• Teachers book
• Clipboard
• Pen
• Promethean Board
• Solid shapes flipchart (can be found at [])  (Note: I deleted those slides which were too far above grade level before presenting to students.  Other than that, this was an awesome flipchart.)
• Solid shape manipulatives

• Math workbook
• Pencil
• Spiral notebook
• Paper towels (1 per group)
• Marshmallows (15 per group)
• Tooth picks (15 per group)


The students will be able to identify the number of faces, edges, and vertices on solid shapes with 80% accuracy.

State Standards Addressed
SC-2007.MA.2.4 The student will demonstrate through the mathematical processes an understanding of basic spatial reasoning and the connection between the identification of basic attributes and the classification of three- dimensional shapes.

SC-2007.MA.2.4.1 Analyze the three-dimensional shapes spheres, cubes, cylinders, prisms, pyramids, and cones according to the number and shape of the faces, edges, corners, and bases of each.

Resource Instructions

Essential Question- Can I identify the number of faces, edges, and vertices for solid shapes?
Introduce new terms. Students write in their notebooks.
• Face- the flat surface
• Edge- where two faces meet; think about falling off the edge of something- your finger can slide or fall off the edge of the solid figure
• Vertex- a corner, where three or more edges meet.; think about the V looking like a pointy vertex

Students describe solid shapes that the teacher holds up (and that are on the flip chart).
Students complete workbook page 311.

Students construct solid shapes using marshmallows and tooth picks.
• Students divide into groups.  (This will be done as a PIG activity- pairs, individual, or group.  Note: the groups cannot have more than three, and the teacher has the right to overrule group/pairs choices.)
• Students must work together to create a solid shape of their choice.
• Upon completion, each group must show their shape to the teacher to check.  (It must be standing, not already have fallen.)  Each person must identify one key term: face, edge, and vertex.  (Bonus: ask the group to name their shape based on the number of faces, edges, and vertices.  Ex. pyramid, cube, etc.)
• Then, groups can construct another shape.

Rules for construction:
• Students may not play with their materials.
• Students may not eat the marshmallows until the end of the project.
• Students must whisper with their group members.
• Each group is responsible for the cleanup of their area.

After construction, assign workbook page 312 for homework.


Students can also be required to make a list of at least three solid figures of each type at home.  (Note: You can have them find as many different types as you are focusing on in class, but they must find three of each)


• Discussion
• Question and answer
• Workbook pages 311 and 312
• Solid shape construction activity (checksheet)

Formal- Chapter 7 unit test

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Posted by: S.Birnbaum

Very cool. One extension that you could do would be to check out real life objects - especially sculptures. Wouldn't it be cool to put it into context of a trip to a museum? Probably too much time, but I like the idea!