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Poems of your choice (should be very descriptive)

Chart Paper

Construction paper



The students will be able to use visualizing as a reading comprehension strategy.

Resource Instructions

  1. Have a children's poem on chart paper with a picture you have drawn beside it.  Read the poem and explain that the picture is of what you saw in your mind when you read the poem.
  2. Tell the students that they will be visualizing as you read a poem to them.  Explain that good readers visualize or make a picture in their minds to help them understand a poem or story better.  Good readers use their 5 senses to think about what the see, hear, smell, taste, and feel as they read.
  3. As you read a second poem aloud have the students close their eyes and make a picture in their mind of what they see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.
  4. After reading aloud have the students share what they saw in their minds (turn and talk). Then allow the students to draw a picture to match what they saw in their minds.  Continue to read the poem a few times so they can remember the words.
  5. Students can add a sentence to their picture with the following prompts:         I visualized...       In my mind....     I pictured.....
  6. Ask the students how visualizing helped them understand the poem better. 

*Do this for several sessions so the students understand what it means to visualize.  Eventually take away the drawing aspect and simply have the students discuss what they visualized during their reading.


  • Put poems in a center for students to read and illustrate based on what they visualize.
  • During guided or independent reading have students record in their journal what the see, hear, smell, taste, and feel as they read.

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Posted by: S.Birnbaum

I like how the poetry extends to all the senses. I haven't seen that before. I think with the right poems, they'll definitely make the connection with taste and smell. Great job!