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  • books about eggs including The Easter Egg by Jan Brett and Chickens Aren't the Only Ones by Ruth Heller.
  • Properties chart generated with student input with words under categories: colors, shapes, sizes, weight, texture from Thinking and Learning Together: Community and Curriculum in a Primary Classroom by Bobbi Fisher.
  • eggs (1/2 hard boiled, 1/2 raw 1 per team of 2 students)
  • hand lenses, balance scales to help with observations
  • video of Jan Brett talking about The Easter Egg.
  • real chicken, rabbit, or chicks to observe
  • coloring pages
  • blank paper egg to decorate


  • The students will use 5 senses to observe and describe the properties of an egg.
  • The students will learn how an author uses real animals to get ideas for writing and illustrating a book.
  • The students will design and color their own "most beautiful" egg.
  • The students will write a fiction or non-fiction piece about eggs.

Resource Instructions

This unit will take place over the course of a week or two and will build on prior learning about the 5 senses and making observations.  First, I will bring in eggs and chicks which a 5th. grade class at our school is hatching.  I'll demonstrate how to make observations and will refer to our properties chart as I write my observations about the color, size, texture, shape and weight of the eggs and chicks.  Then we'll read a book each day about eggs with special focus on Chickens Aren't the Only Ones.  I'll bring in hard boiled and raw eggs and will challenge the students in teams to figure out if their egg is raw or hard boiled without cracking it.  They'll use their senses and will write a description of their egg using words from our properties chart and will weigh their egg using a balance scale.  Afterwards each team of students will crack their egg to test their prediction and they will draw what the inside looked like.

Then we'll read The Easter Egg by Jan Brett and will watch her video about writing the book. []

 I'll model writing a pretend story based on observing live animals.  Then the kids will choose if they want to write a fiction or non-fiction piece about eggs, chicks, or rabbits. 

The students will design their "most beautiful" egg inspired from Jan Brett's book.  They will also add illustrations to their writing piece.


Read The Adventures of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. Learn more about how nature inspired her to draw, paint and write her wonderful children's books. []



First grade writing rubric (or other writing rubrics used by your school)

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