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  1. Creative writing using The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown
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Materials:   “The Important Book” by Margaret Wise Brown

                    template for writing

Resource Instructions

Teaching Strategies:

1)     Read “The Important Book.”  After reading, discuss the format or pattern.  Prompt children to recognize the paragraphs start and end with the main idea  (same fact) and have supporting details (other facts about the main idea) in the middle.

2)     Using the same format, tell students the object we will write about as a class is an Oreo cookie.  Model how to develop their writing. Identify the key characteristic or “important fact” such as The most important thing about an Oreo cookie is that you can eat it.

3)     Have students brainstorm other facts or supporting details about the object.  Examples might be: 

It is like a sandwich with white cream in the middle of two chocolate cookies. 

It is fun to eat.  You can lick the cream part first or eat the cookies first.

You can eat it whole or take bites of it.

You can dunk it in milk.

4)     Once ideas are exhausted, call upon a student to remind the class how our paragraph should end (by repeating the first fact in line one.)

5)      Pair students.  Instruct that they will be working in partners to develop their own important book paragraph like we just did with the Oreo.  Tell students they can choose between ice cream, pizza, or an orange.

6)     Distribute the template for students to fill in.

7)     After sufficient time, call upon students to share their work and collect their work for 


The important thing about _____________________________________________  is





You ___________________________________________________________________




It _____________________________________________________________________




And __________________________________________________________________




It ______________________________________________________________________




You ____________________________________________________________________




But the important thing about __________________________________________ is






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