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4 - 6
Reading and Language Arts
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10 to 30
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  1. Responding to Open-Ended Questions using RASP
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  • Teacher Created RASP Poster
  • Sample open-ended question
  • Sample response
  • A set of 4 different colored highlighters per student (students may share sets)


  • To understand and use the R.A.S.P. acronym and strategy
  • To write a complete and thoughtful response to an open-ended question.

Resource Instructions

  • Introduce the concept of RASP by displaying a poster.  RASP is an acronym used to remember the parts of a good answer.  (Note-The word RASP doesn't actually stand for anything.)
  • R  Restate the question
  • A  Answer all of the parts
  • S  Support from the text
  • P  Personal connection,  opinion, extension
  • Model: Display an open ended question that students can answer based on some recent reading
  • Display an excellent response that uses all four parts of the strategy
  • Give students a copy of the response
  • Have students use the highlighters as an interactive rubric.  They should highlight the R(restatement of the question) in one color, the A (answer) in a 2nd color, the S (support form the text) in a 3rd color, and the P (personal connection) in a 4th color.  Analyzing a model response in this way helps students to internalize the rubric and remember what to include in their own resoponses.




  • Follow up by having students use the RASP method to respond to a different question. 
  • Then they can use the highlighters to evaluate their own response.
  • This strategy will help students to excel on standardized test questions.

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