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PK - 12
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  1. American Symbols--The Great Seal
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1. Picture of the school mascot/logo

2. Handout with a blank seal

3. Dollar bill

4. Great Seal handouts

5. Crayons


  • Students will understand what a seal is
  • Students will be able to recognize the Great Seal, and know where it can be found
  • Students will be able to explain what the Great Seal, and its individual parts, represents

Resource Instructions

  1. Discuss the school mascot/logo with students. What is it? Where is it displayed? How is it used? What might it represent?
  2. Divide students into 4 or 5 groups and give them a handout with a blank seal. Ask them to create a classroom seal by drawing and writing things inside that they think are meaningful and representative of the classroom.
  3. When finished, have a spokesperson from each group discuss their seal with the class.
  4. Show the class a dollar bill. Explain that America has its own seal, and it can be found on the dollar. Ask them why they think it is on the dollar. It can also be found on government stationary and documents, military uniforms, passports, and postage stamps. Why is the seal printed on these things?
  5. Have students point out some of the elements of the great seal. Write these elements on the board. Then begin to explain to them what each of the elements represents. This can be found here: [] (p. 4)
  6. Give students the great seal handout to color and have them label its parts and their meanings (they can draw arrows, make a key, use color coding, etc).
  7. Once finished, the students will turn in their handouts and write in their journals about what values, beliefs, and attitudes the seal represents.

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