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Resource Instructions

Title:  Nora Noun and Victor Verb

Grade Level: 2nd

Lesson Length: 45 minutes

Objective:   To teach what nouns and verbs in an exciting and engaging way.  Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of nouns, verbs in present and past tense, and helping verbs.  They will also demonstrate how to use them properly to construct a complete sentence.

Illinois State Learning Standards:

IL.3.A STANDARD: Use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization and structure.

IL.3.A.1 Construct complete sentences which demonstrate subject/verb agreement; appropriate capitalization and punctuation; correct spelling of appropriate, high-frequency words; and appropriate use of the eight parts of speech.

Materials Needed:

  • Two large sheets of white paper, large enough for two human outlines.
  • Mad Lib
  • Index cards
  • Scissors
  • Marker

Anticipatory Set:  To open the lesson, I will ask the kids to select nouns and verbs from a list.  I will fill this into the Mad Lib story and read it aloud so they can hear the comical story.

Sequence of activities:

1)       A brief mini-lesson on nouns and verbs will be taught.  This mini-lesson will include helping verbs, verbs in the present and past tense, and the verbs be and have.  It will also review that a noun is a person, place or thing.

2)       The two cut-outs, Victor Verb and Nicky Noun will be introduced.  We will begin with Nicky Noun.  As the class comes up with ideas of nouns, write them in the appropriate places.   For instance, if a child says “nose” write the word nose on the face where the nose would be located.  If the class begins to run out of ideas, point at different parts, such as the shoulders, etc.

3)       Next, label Victor Verb with verbs.  Each verb should be placed in the area where it would be appropriate.  For instance, “talk, chew, and sing” would all be put where the mouth is located.

4)       While labeling Victor Verb, students will be asked higher-level thinking questions about different types of verbs.  For example , if a child says run for the legs, the teacher might ask how could we make this a past tense verb? (expected student response: run) How could I use a helping verb here? (expected student response: was running)*   *helping verbs may be difficult for students and require further support.*

5)       At this point in the lesson, the teacher should check for understanding using a quick, thumbs-up, thumbs-down method before proceeding to the final activity.  If needed, provided a few additional examples of nouns and verbs.

6)       To assess student understanding of nouns and verbs, they will be placed in groups of 4-5. Each student will be given a note-card labeled with a helping verb, present tense verb, past tense verb,  be or have, or a noun.  Each student will be in charge of finding their matching card in the group.  For example, the person who has the “ran” card will find the card “past tense verb”.

7)       After each person in the group has found their part of speech, the group should arrange themselves in a line to form a sentence.  They will then say their word and hold up their part of speech in order to read the sentence.


Assessment:  While the students are matching their word to the parts of speech card, the teacher will be observing the students.  The teacher will also use a rubric to assess  student understanding of nouns and verbs.  The teacher will take brief notes during the group presentation of sentences.

Closure:  The teacher will bring the students back together and remind them of what we learned today.  “Today we learned about nouns and verbs.  We learned that a noun is a person, place, or thing.  We also learned that a verb is an action word.  We talked about verb tenses, (past and present) helping verbs, and the verbs be and have.”


see attached assessment rubric under"assets"

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