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PK - 12
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  • 1 fresh egg (raw) per student
  • 1 zip-top baggy per student
  • protective materials, such as cotton balls, plastic grocery bags, squares of bubble wrap, sheets of newspaper, paper towels


  • Students learn about gravity
  • Students test their hypothesis

Resource Instructions

1. Put each egg in its own baggie.

2. Ask your child to choose exactly six items to protect each egg. For instance, she could choose four handfuls of cotton balls, one plastic grocery bag, and one paper towel.

3. Make predictions about which combination of materials is most and least likely to protect the egg. Record these hypotheses.

4. Place the protective materials in the baggie with the egg and seal the top. Drop each baggie from an equal height.

5. Were your child's hypotheses or predictions confirmed or not? What combinations of materials were most effective at preventing eggs from cracking?

6. If interested, test additional combinations of materials. For an extra challenge, your child could even try placing two eggs in a single bag.


If you have more time, students can use craft supplies such as toothpicks, popsicle sticks, glue, tissue papper, fabric, etc. to create containers that keep their eggs safe. If possible, have the students throw the eggs from a high point - my old school used to let us throw them off the roof of the building, just one day a year. It was great fun and I learned so much as well.


Use a hypothesis graphic organizer like []

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