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Multiple Subjects
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10 to 30
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  1. Oh the Places You'll Go! Lesson Plan
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There are 2 assets for this resource.


Family Letter (handout)

This teacher-created media is a way to help the Kindergarten child communicate learning with his or her family. The handout will contain links to the YouTube video viewed in class as well as some other informative websites and related books in this author study.


The teacher will use the SmartBoard to display the YouTube video to the class.

ELMO Document Camera

Use the Elmo to model writing for the class to view as a sample. It can also be used while the children share their writing.

YouTube Video Clip

Link to Oh the Places You’ll Go read by John Lithgow: []

Book (Print Resource)

Seuss, Dr. (1990). Oh, The Places You'll Go. Random House Children's Books.

Google Earth [] Use this tool to demonstrate distance to children.

Globe/Print World Map

Use these classroom tools to provide a visual for children when they choose the place they would like to go.

Word Wall

The students will use the Word Wall to check spelling of basic Kindergarten sight words.

Basic Materials

The teacher will use chart paper and markers to model writing a sentence. The students will use their Writer’s Notebooks for writing along with pencils, erasers, and crayons. The teachers may use post-it notes to leave notes for students or write translations.


Learning Objectives

  • After reading/viewing, the students will identify Oh the Places You’ll Go as another work by Dr. Seuss.
  • The students will demonstrate their understanding of the story by retelling it together as a class.
  • The students will write one or more sentences about a place they would like to go. The sentence should begin with a capital letter and end with appropriate punctuation.
  •  Student will share their writing by reading their sentences to the class.

Resource Instructions


  1. Using the SmartBoard , play the You Tube video of Oh the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss.
  2. Discuss the story (tell children how much they have grown this year) and talk about places we have already been and would like to visit in the future. Demonstrate my example: “I would like to go to Greece” and fly there with Google Earth.
  3. Then, model writing a sentence on chart paper (or ELMO): I want to go to _____.
  4. Writing Time while teachers circulate to assist.
  5. Sharing Time: Students will sit in a circle to share their writing (they may choose to pass). The teacher may choose to show the students’ writing on the ELMO so illustrations can be seen by everyone.

Conclusion: Wrap up the lesson by reiterating the objectives. Read the family letter together and have each child sign the letter to take home. 


Give students a blank map to color the area that they would like to visit.

Create a class book of all of the children's writing to be shared with families.


Use traditional and authentic assessments to determine learner achievement of stated standards and objectives- Use questioning throughout the lesson to be sure that the students can identify the book and retell it’s plot. Review/Read the learners’ writing to be sure it is complete and understandable. Listen to students as they share his or her writing with the class. Note creativity, expression, and willingness to share in anecdotal records. 

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