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  • Colored lids (or other colored manipulatives)
  • 3D bar graph
  • colors


  • A hands on experience to graphing.  It also incorporates recycling.  (Students save their lids from different beverages.  The more colors the better.  I like to use lids in order to reduce the cost of items used in the classroom.  Lost or damaged items are not a factor.)

Resource Instructions

1. Students sort the "lids" or objects by color.

2. They pick 3 colors they like best to use for the graph.

3. Label they colors at the bottom of the page on the line.

4. Color the number of "lids".

5. In order to make the graph "3D", start coloring from just above the name of the color at the bottom of the page to the number of "lids".

6. Fold the paper in half, so that you can still see the graphs.

7. Start at the fold and cut along the vertical lines of each of the bars.  ONLY cut to where each color stops.  For instance, if the first column is green and there are 5 green lids, cut from the fold to the 5 where the green stops.

8. Do this for each of the bars.

9. Fold it back the other way.  Now you have folded the graph to itself.  You should be looking at the blank side of the paper.

10.  Now you are ready to make the graph pop out. Make a crease/fold at the bottom, just above the name of the color.  Make a crease/fold at the top, where the graph stops.  Make a crease/fold in the middle of the bar.  It will make an upside down "L".


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