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  • Interview sheet and rubric


  • Students will learn about the effects of the Great Depression by interviewing someone who lived through it.
  • Students will strengthen their writing skills by putting their interviews into an expository essay.

Resource Instructions

Student Name: _________________________  Due Date:  Interviews are due Wednesday, January 27th. 

Great Depression Project

What?  Students are to find a relative or neighbor who lived during the time of the Great Depression to interview.  The questions are listed below.  Students will use this information to write a paper in class.  We will publish the papers in a class book on the Great Depression.  Students have one week to conduct their interviews.  They can not complete their writing projects without this interview completed.

When?  Interviews are due Wednesday, January 27th

How?  Students will be graded by the attached rubric.  This will be a project/test grade.  The interview will be graded separately from the writing assignment.

Why?  The purpose of this project is to help students understand what life was like during the Great Depression.

Questions to Ask:

  1. What is your name? _________________________________  Mailing Address? ____________ _____________________________________________________________________________ (for thank you note)
  2. What was your age during the Great Depression? _________
  3. What can you remember about job shortages?  _______________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
  4. What can you remember about food shortages? ______________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
  5. Did you witness or stand in bread lines? _____________________________________________
  6. Did your family have jobs during this time?  ________  If so, what did they do? _____________ ______________________________________________________________________________
  7. If your family was working, how were your lives different from those who could not find jobs? _ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
  8. If your family was not working, how were your lives different from those who could find jobs? _ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________
  9. Can you remember any of the following prices?                                Bread________                               Milk ________ Gas ______                                Sugar ______                    Flour _____                       Cooking Oil ______
  10. Do you remember the Stock Market Crash of 1929?  What can you tell me about it? ________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
  11. Do you remember failed banks and businesses?  What can you tell me about it? What caused the banks and businesses to fail? ___________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________
  12. Did a lot of people move into or out of your area at that time?  Why do you think this happened? _____________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
  13. What would you like me to learn from or remember about the Great Depression from your personal experience? ____________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________


I also have lesson plans on a Hooverville Diorama project and Hooverville story that are in this same unit.


rubric - tried to attach - I will keep working on that.

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