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  1. Miss Rumphius
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  • Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney
  • Story board copies or just fold a paper into fourths. One fourth is the title, author and cover, one fourth is the beginning of the book, one fourth is the middle of the book, and one fourth is the end of the book.
  • 11x18 sheets of white paper. Finger paint: blue, red, green, and white. Mix colors to make the blue, purple and rose colored lupines.
  • Flowers to plant on school property. A tree or shrub would also work.
  • Gardening tools


  • Students will make a connection with the girl and her promises by promising to do somethings with thier lives when they grow up.
  • Students will write these three promises and tell why they are important.
  • Students will retell the story with a story board graphic organizer
  • Students will illustrate how the lupine flowers looked with art drawing of the flowers using their finger prints to make the lupines.
  • Students will plant a flower, tree, or shrub around school property to make the world more beautiful.

Resource Instructions

Day one: read book and make connections to self. Have students write about thier grandparents or someone that makes them feel special.

Day two: Reread the book, and make a story board.

Day three: Read book or retell it. Students will make a list of the three promises they would like to keep when they grow up. Tell why these are important. Make connections to the world. Share of others who have made the world a better place because of something they have done.

Day four: Make the lupine flower paintings. Talk of the book and retell the many things in the book.

Day five: Gather all the gardening equipment and plants and head outdoors to make the world more beautiful. Our class planted Knock-Out Roses in our planter outside our door. They ar beautiful.


Tommy De Paolo's The Legend of the Bluebonnet is a great book to read and compare with Miss Rumphius. Also, biographies of other great people could be pulled into ilustrate the lessons in this book. 

It is a great year end book to send the children out into the summer to think about. Making positive choices and keeping promises are all great lessons to include with this book.


Story boards are great for assessment. Rubrics would be easy to make using this assessment.

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