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  • sentence strip with first paragraph of story (the attached document) written on it without punctuation or capital letters ("once there was a little girl she loved to read she read every day")
  • copies of document with story
  • whiteboard, chart paper or chalkboard


  • Students will understand that periods are usually placed after the write has told 1 thing.
  • Students will identify sentences with too many "parts"
  • Students will be able to place periods between phrases or in run-on sentences

Resource Instructions

Introduction: Ask the class, "When do we use periods?" Collect several responses and allow the class to dicsuss what period are for.

Lesson: Explain that you have written a story but you forgot to put periods in it. Ask the students to help you. Display the sentence strip with "once there was a little girl she loved to read she read every day" on it. Ask a student to read it, or read it to the class. Ask for a volunteer to show you where to put the first period-- explain that this is where the first "idea" ends. Allow the child to cut the sentence strip at that spot and add the period. Post the strip somewhere the students can see. Repeat with the rest of the sentence, placing periods and capitalizing the first letter. Reread the set of 3 sentences.

Then, mopve the children to tables or desks and complete the entire story (on the attached document) as a class or assign it as an assessment. Copying the story onto a transparency would be helpful for a whole-group exercise.


If students finish early, they can take their own sentence strip and write a series of sentences for a partner to correct. This could also make a fun Centers activity!


Use the story as an assessment (for more advanced students) or create a worksheet with a few simple sentences put together for students to seperate using periods.

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