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Crayons, pencils, construction paper, “Box of Crayons” poem, outline of a crayon for children to color and draw themselves on.


  • Students will be able to identify that everyone has their share of differences based on various cultures and ethnicity, but when everyone works together the end-product is more creative and colorful.

Resource Instructions

When you look around our classroom, you can see that we all look and act differently from each other.  Why do you think that?  Does that change how we see each other?  Should we treat someone that may look or act different from us different?


1. Gather all of the children at the rug for circle time.  Discuss the motivational set above.

2.  Read ”Box of Crayons” poem

to the students.  This poem will talk about the different colors in a box of crayons getting along with each other even though they look different.

3. Talk about how each one of us are different but we live in the same world and work together to make things better for each other.  Our differences make us who we are and shape us into individuals.

Ø      Show the children the crayon pattern.  Have them return to their tables and draw a picture of themselves on the crayon pattern. 


Technology Links:

     If computers are available in the school, students as a class can select a country and go online to see the differences and similarities to schools in America to the schools in the country chosen.  Due to their age, this will have to be teacher-guided.



The next day during circle time, the teacher will read “The Crayon Box That Talked” by Shane DeRolf, which is another piece of literature that illustrates how when we work together, the product is more exciting and fruitful.




When everyone is finished, have the children return to the rug and share with their classmates what they drew and why.  Discuss the similarities and differences between each person and his/her crayon and how we can still be friends and a community regardless of our differences.

When all of the crayons are complete, place them in the giant crayon box that you have created out of construction paper and display with a copy of the poem and the class name on the front of the box.  This will show others how each student is different but work together for the betterment of the classroom.

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