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Reading and Language Arts
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10 to 30
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  • Ron Clark's 55 Essentials book: Rules #38 and 44.
  • chart paper
  • copy of "Field Trip Etiquette" for each student.


  • Students will behave in socially acceptable ways when they are on a field trip with classmates.
  • Students will create their own Reader's Theater to demonstrate proper behavior when they are on a field trip. 
  • Students will perform their skits in front of their classmates.

Resource Instructions

Read the introduction of Ron Clark's 55 Essentials for Parents to students.  Discuss with them how proper behavior will benefit them now and always. 

Read and do the activity Rue #38.  Have them rewrite the story.

Read and go through the activities in Rule #44

Brainstorm an exhaustive list-mine is attached-of rules that you are expecting to see from the students.  Write this on chart paper to have students copy.

Divide class into three groups, and have them write their own Reader's Theater demonstrating how to behave on the bus, including getting on and off, behavior when they enter a museum or in my case the state capitol building, and how to behave on a Fun Play Day.  Have them demonstrate negative behavior, and then correct it with positive behavior.

The Reader's Theater needs to be no longer than three minutes.  Develop a rubric WITH your students for buy-in.


Write scenarios from different points of view: parents, onlookers, teachers

Discuss the safety aspects of staying with a group.



Informal:Reading aloud, scaffold new learning by brainstorming what they know, work in a group to write the Reader's Theater, create a play-acting out, classroom discussion, rereading for clarity, making connections from their own life and anything they've ever seen

Formal:  Create your rubric for Reader's Theater with your students so they have ownership of the activity.  The students will have better buy-in if they are part of the assessment process. 

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What a difference this lesson made!