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Multiple Subjects
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10 to 30
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  • Large Yellow Butcher Paper - cut into large petals
  • The book "Chrysanthemum" by Kevin Henkes
  • Student supplies- crayons and pencils
  • Large White Paper and Marker
  • Green Butcher Paper to finish the flower



  • Students will listen to the story Chrysanthemum and make text to self connections with the story.
  • Students will understand the message behind the story of expcepting others the way they are and being kind with our words.
  • Students will continue to work on writing their names.
  • Students will work on illustrations and adding detail and color to their picture.

Resource Instructions

Begin the lesson in a large group and share the story Chrysanthemum.  Discuss the story as you read about feelings and being kind.  At the end of the story talk about how we should treat others with kindness.  Talk to the students about how they were all made perfect the way they are! Then using interactive writing have the students help you write "Our names are perfect just the way they are!" Depending on what the students are ready for support for the writing is given and also the discussion of punctuation can be incorporated.  After this is complete students will be given a petal and asked to write their names and decorate their petal with their favorite things.   When they are finished they return the petal.  The teacher then assembles the flower and includes the interactive writing.

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