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Resource Instructions

I like to use these as my notes (along with my Vocabulary List Printable for the bulletin board...)

Be sure to discuss the definistions with students throughout your lesson.  Every time you meet one of these words, take a moment and discuss what they mean.  Break the word into root words and try and compare them to other words that the children might be familiar with.

This is a very great way to cement in previously learned words, as well as teaching origins of sufixes and prefixes.

I have included the origins of the words (Latin, Greek, French -- whatever) that I found intriguing and seem to help explain the meaning of the word.

Students must take the word and connect it with a word, or series of words, that they are already familiar with -- thus building their vocabulary and concept bank.

This list is not a complete lesson itself.  Be sure to combine it with visual aids, etc.

Make it exciting!  (Science is AWESOME!  lol.)


You could print out a copy of this for each student and have them use it as study help, or for Homework.

If you wrote the definitions up on the board, the students could copy the definitions down in their notes or journals to help cement in the concepts.

Sometimes I like to say the word, and go through a discovery process of figuring out what the word means.  I use clues of what the word sonds like, or similar words, and pretty soon the children can figure out what the word means without me telling it to them.

Discovery will always make the classroom buzz with interaction!

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I think it is important that the students are giving a test at the end of a Unit (I include the whole Life Science section in one Unit) to be sure that they have understood the concepts and can recognize and draw meaning from the words taught.

If students cannot visualize what they are reading in Science material it will put a barrier on their future knowledge.  By teaching students these vocabulary words, you turn a science book from a drab book of black-and-white text, to a colorful movie of life and intriguing facts that can be used make new discoveries.

(Always talk about the scientific method, and how these concepts can be used to figure out new things... or how to do something better.)

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