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  • Needs of Living Things Chart - PDF (one for each student)


  • Teach students what Living Things Depend on
  • Open Class Discussion on this concept
  • Create a visual chart

Resource Instructions

Teach about what living things need and create fill in a visual chart (see PDF) with this information:

Living things have needs in order to survive

  •      Water
  •      Space
  •      Food
  •      Gasses (like oxygen from the air)

Talk to students about each of these things, have them apply them to themselves, then to insects, fish, birds... etc.

This will help them understand that all living things need the same things, but in a different way.

Fish need gasses like oxygen, but they get it from the water instead of the air with gills.  We get oxygen from the air with our lungs.

Be sure and contrast some non living things as well.


I like to fill out this chart after the 'Observation of Living Things' activity... see Additional Lesson Plans.

Students who finish early can illustrate their pages.

Hang these, and the students' Living / Non-Living Charts on a bulletin board.

You could create a BIG version of the chart on the chalkboard and have the students talk you through how to fill it out.

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