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6 - 12
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10 to 30
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There are 2 assets for this resource.


The teacher guidance sheet in the assets provides instructions on the resource. This provides links to the game-creator which is an online tool. You can also access the resource directly here [].

Skydiver game


The goal of this resource is to provide whatever educational content you want your students to learn in a highly interactive and fun way. Students may need to play the game several times before beating it but all will soon know all of the answers you want them to know.

Resource Instructions

This activity makes a great activity for the start or end of a lesson, or as part of a lesson reviewing the end of a topic. Being an anagram game it is also an excellent activity for helping to raise literacy.


Students can use the game engine to generate their own quizzes to develop and demonstrate their own understanding, and to test the understanding of their classmates.


Rather than simply being an amusing distraction, this resource can play a meaningful part in class assessment. By creating free teacher and student accounts on the website you will be able to track the scores your students get in zombie-boxing quiz games or any of the many other interactive learning games available. Instructions on how to do this can be seen in the W2L teacher guide in the assets.

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Posted by: S.Birnbaum

This is a great game. Thanks for sharing. Perfect for interactive whiteboards!