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Reading and Language Arts
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10 to 30
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  • List of character traits
  • outline of the shape of a boy and girl: copies for students
  • Brief overview of the story of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" to "tell" to students


  • Students will understand that a character may possess both negative and positive traits.
  • Students will use evidence from the text to support the trait that they identify a character possessing.
  • Students will infer certain characteristics using background knowledge and evidence from the text.

Resource Instructions

Give students a list of the character traits, and have them circle two traits that describes them.  Teacher circles two traits that describe her/him.  Think-aloud and explain why the two traits were circled.  Give specific examples to support the character trait. 

Explain that people can exhibit both positive and negative traits.  Be willing to share one negative trait with students, and explain specifically behaviors or attitudes that supports this trait.

Explain that as students read more they will find characters in books that exhibit both positive and negative traits.  These traits help fully develop the character. 

Briefly explain the story of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" in that Dr. Jekyll possessed positve qualities, but when he morphed into Mr. Hyde, he exhibited negative traits.  Tell students all people have both positive and negative traits.

Pass out outline of a boy or girl shape, and have the students draw a line down the middle, and label one side "Dr. Jekyll" and the other side "Mr. Hyde".  Choose positive traits about themselves from the list, and write them on the outline.  Choose negative traits from the list, and write them on the outline. 

Students can illustrate their outline to show positive and negative aspects of their personality.


Analyze character traits from books.  Explain how identifying these traits can help you better understand the text.



Checklist that students have at least five positive and negative traits.  Ask them to share with a friend how they exemplify each trait. *Informal assessment*

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