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  1. Create a Power Point (Based on The Giver)
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  • Direction page
  • A computer to use with Microsoft Office (PowerPoint)
  • Pictures to scan
  • flash drive


  • create a power point slide show
  • demostrate ability to follow teacher direction
  • tie knowledge of The Giver into project
  • present finished project to class

Resource Instructions

You will complete a Power Point Presentation which is based on the book, The Giver.

Follow the guidelines outlined below to complete your power point presentation.

Make it creative, colorful and interesting.  Insert pictures where you feel they would add.

We will be inserting music to the finished slides so you should be thinking about an appropriate song and download to flash drive.

Slide One:

Create your Title Slide

Slide Two:

The first chapter of The Giver introduces the main characters of the story.

Introduce yourself and the people in your family.

Slide Three:

Tell the occupations of your parents.

Slide Four:

The second chapter talks about Newchildren and the naming.

Tell your complete name.

Tell if you are named after someone or if you are not.  If you are named after someone

tell who it is.

Slide Five:

Jonas is nervous about the Ceremony of Twelve.

Tell which age you were or are excited about and the reason for it.

Slide Six:

In Chapter Three Lily is referring to “comfort objects”.

Tell about something especially important to you that you own and why it is so important to you.

Slide Seven:

Jonas talks about volunteering at the Nurturing Center.

Tell how you volunteer your time helping others or someone in particular.

Slide Eight:

Chapter Five talks about the “Dream Telling” ritual that Jonas’s family experiences each morning.

Tell about a special routine your family practices on a regular basis.

Slide Nine:

Chapter Seven talks about assignment of jobs for the future.

Tell what job you would like to have for your future.

Slide Ten:

Chapter Eight talks about Jonas’s special assignment.  He was given this assignment because of special character traits he possesses.  Choose three character traits you feel you possess and a little of why each one was chosen. (See pages 62 & 63 of The Giver)

Slide Eleven:

Chapter Eleven is when The Giver chooses a first memory to transmit to Jonas.

He wants it to be an especially happy memory.

Tell about an especially happy memory of your childhood.

Slide Twelve:

A big provoking thought for us in this book is that the people in the community do not know color.

This slide should be your creation having to do with color and why it was designed.

Slide Thirteen:

As we know, just as in The Giver, everything in our life has not been pleasant.

Tell about an especially unpleasant experience you’ve had. (One you are comfortable sharing)

Slide Fourteen:

Chapter Sixteen is when the experience of Christmas is transmitted as a happy family time.

Tell your favorite holiday and a little about your family traditions.

Slide Fifteen

Jonas chooses to go on a trip with Gabriel.

Tell about a trip you’ve taken that you will always remember.


When all slides are complete the music will be inserted.


Read the Trilogy.

Books to follow the Giver are:

Gathering Blue and Messenger. 


Presentation to class.

Students will be assessed on creativity, time and effort put forth, and will be monitored to assure directions were followed.

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