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  • Vocabulary PDF


  • Teach understanding of important Vocabulary Words used in Life Science
  • Display words on the bulletin board for 'repeated exposure'
  • Have words available for quick reference either during the lecture or when the students are writing.

Resource Instructions

Before Class I print the Vocabulary Sheet.  I replace this sheet for each new unit that I teach so that there aren't too many words on the board at once (no information overload!)

First thing I do in my class, is take down the old vocabulary sheet and explain that these are their NEW vocabulary words. 

Secondly, I read each word to the students (make sure you pronounce them correctly!) and have them repeat the words.

I don't tell them what the words mean right off - to add a little suspence.

Tell the students to listen for these words in the lecture and see if they can find the definitions in my lecture.

Right after a vocabulary word comes up in the lecture, I go over to the bulletin board and point at the word (if you do this briskly you'll get all the eyes on you.) and I ask what the word means.

Usually several of the students have been listening and will eagerly reply with a rough in-their-own-word definition.

I usually explain the student's example definition again with a twist on it to make it a little more correct.  (Most of the time if they were listening then they are somewhat on point.)

Finally, I like to include these words in my tests at the end of each unit.

Make the students anxious to learn new words!


Note: These words are from 3rd Grade to 5th Grade -- I have one classroom where I teach several grades, so I put all of my vocabulary words for this topic in one list.  Though your third graders won't be tested on the fifth grade words, it's great to give them early exposure to these words, and will make them more familiar with them when they are required to use them.


It's AWESOME to go into word origins for just a second.  (I'm a word freak -- subscribed to a word-of-the-day... lol)  If you explain to the students the origin of the word - whether it be Old English, French, or Latin.

A lot of times when you understand what a word meant originally, then you have a good idea of what it means in our modern definitions.

Use these words several times when you are on this subject to reinforce them.


I like to do 'fill in the blank' type Exams... with all of the vocabulary words in a Word Box at the top of the page.  You want to make sure that the sentences use the words clearly and accurately so that you not only test whether or not the students have memorized the Vocabulary Words, but that they have understood the science concepts as well.

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