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  1. Molecules in a Solid, Liquid, and Gas
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  • Graphic organizer
  • Large area (such as outdoors)


The students will identify and model the molecular structure of a solid, liquid and gas.

Resource Instructions

Whole group instruction:  Create a chart with solid, liquid, and gas as the headings.  Have students add to the list everything they know about the states of matter.  Take a bar of soap and discuss all the physical properties of that solid.  Add water to the soap to turn it into a liquid.  Discuss properties of a liquid and how it is different than a solid.  Blow a bubble with the soap and discuss the properties of a gas and compare it to the solid and liquid.

Allow the students to use their bodies to show the molecules in the three states of matter. 

Solid:  All the students try to stand in a four square area.

Liquid:  The students walk slowly with their elbow at their waist.  They must touch another student at all time and stay within a given area.

Gas:  Students move out and cover the entire area.


Play a game of “I Spy” describing physical properties of a solid, liquid, or gas.  For example:  I spy some that has a shape of its own and has molecules that are tightly packed together.


Students will draw a picture of a solid, liquid, and gas in their science journals.  The students will then add what the molecules look like in each of the three pictures and write a few sentences to describe what they drew using their new vocabulary words.  Use a rubric to grade based on neatness and understanding of the content.

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