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Lesson Plan


The student will learn the difference between a bully and a friend.

The student will make text-self connections.

The student will list and describe a bully and a friend.

Lesson Instructions

Before beginning lesson, ask two students to lay down on a piece of buttcher paper. Trace their shapes, and label one piece of paper "Bully" and the other "Friend".

The Teacher will read aloud the book, Bullies Never Win. While reading, the teacher will discuss with students the behavior of a bully, and a friend. Students will work together to create a list of things a bully does, and a list of things a friend does. Anything the Bully does, list those on the Bully, and vice versa with the Friend. Students can tell you the similarities and differences between the two, creating their own version of a Bully and a Friend.


I've extended the activity by continuing to ask my students if the decisions they're making daily are bullying behavior or friend behavior. It has gradually increased my students' behavior to be more friend-like! They even now, tell each other when they are being bullies, and its' nice to hear from them!