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  • bread maker, ingredients for bread, measuring cups, wheat, butter, jelly


  • Students will able to communicate about cooking, measurement, and ingredients in bread as well as discuss how to make bread.
  • Students will be able to recall the stories of The Little Red Hen and From Wheat to Bread.

Resource Instructions

Students will read the story From Wheat to Bread.  Give each student a piece of wheat.  Allow them to touch it, smell it, and talk about it with their groups.  Show the students flour and tell them it comes from the wheat.  Give each student a tiny pinch of flour.  Let them explore it however they want and talk about it.  Introduce each of the ingredients for the bread in the same manner.  Pull out the measuring utensils and allow students to look at them as well.  Follow directions for making bread and allow students to come up and add the ingredients to the breadmaker.  Once all the ingredients are added start the bread maker.  Allow students to come up and look into the window on top to see the bread (this will be done throughout the day while the bread is rising and cooking). Students will then create a flow map with pictures and sentences within groups of the process of making bread.  Students will read the story The Little Red Hen as a class and talk about it.  They will create a flow map sequencing the story.  Once the bread is finished students will eat the bread with the butter and jelly. 


Students write a story about making bread in the classroom.



-You may use the flow map of the story.

-You may wish to create a comprehension quiz of the story.

-Students' writing will also be a wonderful assessment.

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    1. DOCLesson Plan in SIOP format (download)