Lesson Author:

Gail Hennessey

Lesson Plan


Lesson Instructions

As the students whether they have any prior knowledge about the Civil War.  Ask if they can name major figures in the Civil War and some of the main battles. This pre discussion can then be redone at the end of the activity as a post activity.

Have groups of students review some of the women who made contributions as nurses, spies, soldiers and do a mini presentation to the class sharing 4 facts learned.



Listen to music of the Civil War. Have students review the lyrics of one of the songs and write 3 facts learned about the war from the lyrics

Read a primary source-diary of Carry Berry and/or William Bircher. Compare and contrast the war from the perspective of the diaries of the souther girl, Carry, and the northern boy, William.

Draw/ color a picture of one of the war battles. Research 5 facts to write on the battle drawing.

Do the puzzler.http://www.gailhennessey.com/index.shtml?civilwarpuzzler.html

Do the Test your Civil War IQ activity