This product offers 94 pages including 11 games, 17 printable decks and two game boards. There are many multi-sensory programs based on Orton-Gillingham methods.  Reading remediation programs such as The Wilson Reading Program, the Slingerland Multi-sensory Approach, Preventing Academic Failure (PAF), Linda Mood Bell, and Recipe for Reading offer sequenced reading programs that help individuals in learning to read. To practice principles, students tend to read long lists and perform repetative activities that many children find boring.  Dr. Warren designed a series of games that allow students to practice the foundational principles that are similar to each of these programs.  With fun, interactive games, parents, reading teachers, and learning specialists can empower quick and enjoyable results. Enthusiastically, students play with words and use analyticalskills  to actively engage in the the content and directly apply the instructed rules.  Basic syllable types, vowel combination sounds, syllabication, affixes, and compound words are practiced as learners advance through any reading program.  All of the games are multi-sensory and can be played one-on-one or in groups.

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