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Sample Valentines' Day Vocab (one page of vocab in total) -

 Feliz Día de San Valentín - Happy Valentine’s Day

Cúpido - Cupid

El día de San Valentin, El día de los enamorados - Valentine’s Day

besos (m)- kisses

abrazos (m) - hugs

 . . .

perder la chaveta por uno (ti) - to have a crush on someone (you)

andar amartelado por una (ti) - to have a crush on someone (you)

Eres mi media naranja - You are my soulmate.

 . . .

Las rosas son rojas,                 Roses are red,

Las violetas, azules,                 Violets are blue,

El azúcar es dulce                    Sugar is sweet,

Y también eres tú.                   and so are you.

 . . .

 Sample Activity (5 activities in total with extra activities for students who finish early) -

 1.  Have students practice saying cheesy lines to each other.  If they'd like, they can write their own lines.  Check them over if they write original lines (for grammar and appropriateness).  Then they see who can present . . .

 2.  In groups, the students could learn different love songs and serenade other groups in class or other classes in school.  They could also serenade a favorite teacher.  . . .  


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This Spanish lesson plan about Valentines' Day, Dia de los enamorados, and St. Valentin is a great way to teach your Spanish students some fun new expressions about love while making cards, singing serenades, and creating skits.  A great way to make Valentines' Day a special day for all your Spanish students!

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