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  • Teach your students about Mexican culture using these authentic slides.
  • Teach them new vocabulary.
  • Practice writing and asking questions.
  • Write skits or dialogues based on the pictures of people, places, animals, products, transportation and food.

Resource Instructions

Want to teach your students what Mexico is really like? Throw out your textbooks and show your students the real thing! Show them pictures from: Oaxaca's dance festival, Guelaguetza, Xochimilco boats from Mexico City, mirimba players, generations of women weavers, and more. This Power Point includes over 60 authentic pictures of people, places, food,and animals from my month spent in Mexico as a Fulbright Hayes Scholar. Along with the pictures come 5 pages of picture explanations, and a page of ideas for games, writing assignments, and speaking activities to help engage your students and break down Mexican stereotypes. These activities are for beginners as well as advanced students. These pictures also make great decorations for your classroom.


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