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SAVE YOURSELF A TON OF TIME if you are being asked to curriculum map !!!  These 8 outlines include my state Standards (I am in the state of Washington, but our standards are very close to the National Health standards). Using these outlines will help you know exactly what skills you need to address in your Health units to completely meet state (or national) standards. Each template includes:  

  • "Enduring Understandings
  •  "Essential Questions" 
  • "What Students Should Know 
  • "What Students Should Be Able To Do."  

*****this IS NOT day by day lesson plans.  These are outlines and templates to help you organize your own lessons.

This download includes outlines for these units:

1. Stress

2. Stop Bullying: Empathy/Violence Unit

3. Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs

4. Nutrition

5. Sex Ed.

6. Decision-Making and Refusal Skills

7. Media Literacy

8. Environmental Health

Also included is a blank template for your use, and the complete National and Washington State Standards.

In case you might be interested in my whole semester Health curriculum, with step-by-step teacher instructions and PowerPoint slides for each daily lesson, I included a free preview, or you can find it at: []




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