• computers, cameras, printers, editing software, mp3 players, various electronic gadgets depending on student sophistication on use
  • samples of different ads aimed at HS students


  • Students will be able to catagorize an ad by the techniques it uses to sell; bandwagon, emotional words, transfer, testimonial, and repetition.
  • Students will write an essay defining what makes an ad ethical or unethical.
  • Students will create an ad for print media, broadcast, internet, or radio for a product aimed at their peers.

Resource Instructions

1. Have student groups make a list of their top and bottom 10 advertisements. Compare lists, discuss what made them make their decisions, come up with a top and bottom 10 list for the class.

2. Have students sort their lists by technique(s) used in the ads. Does one technique stand out for either favorable or unfavorable ratings?

3. Students individually, pairs, or small groups create ads aimed at their peers.

4. Students watch each ad and critique it by how the techniques appeal to them. Could be by a 1-10 scale.

5. Students write a short paper describing what they have learned and how they felt their ad turned out. How will this exercise influence their own reactions to ads in the future?


1. Does ad student created appeal to the class?

2. Does the student's critique of other ads show an understanding of the techniques and overall appeal?

3. Is the paper insightful and show knowledge of advertising tools that are used on a group?

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