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  • Print PDF pages selected for the number of students in the class.
  • Download the Notebook File or the Power Point for teaching the lesson.
  • Determine if paint or yarn is going to be needed.
  • To print large state outlines for students to make big Mr. Mimals art projects, use the Mr. Mimal PDF of large state outlines, and have the students cut and paste the states in order on a piece of big roll paper or chart paper.

The large state outline maps are provided curtesy of HOUGHTON MIFFLIN EDUCATION PLACE web site, with permission from the publisher.  Copyright by Houghton Mifflin Company.  reproduced by permission of the publisher, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.  This permission is nontransferable to any other person, company, or onine site.


  • Learn the states in order along the west side of the Mississippi River using the acronym Mr. Mimal:  M for Minnesota, I for Iowa, M for Missouri, A for Arkansas, and L for Louisiana. 
  • Compare shapes of states with a person made of the shapes.  For instance, M for Minnesota is the hat on the person.  I looks like a face on the person, and so on.

Resource Instructions

Go through the slides in order and have children match the states to the map, and arrange them in the order of MIMAL.

Chilren can make their own Mr. or Mrs. or Dr. or Miss Mimal using the state shapes on the PDF, and color in the face and clothing and so on.


The Mississippi River could be painted on the sides of the states after the cutting, pasting, and decorating.  Or, blue yarn could be added to represent the river.


Students should be able to to name the states by their shapes, in order or not, after this lesson and activity.

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