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  • 4 panel comic strips from newspapers-each student will need two complete comics, they can be related or not, depending on the desire of the student
  • white printer paper-5 sheets per student
  • decorating materials


  • Students will recognize which part of speech a word is by how it is used in a sentence

Resource Instructions

1. Students fold one paper in half vertically and illustrate one side as the front cover. This may be done with a character's face as in the example on the image.

2. Fold all the other 4 sheets of paper in half vertically and then cut all 5 sheets in half horizontally. Combine the sheets in book format and staple together.

3. On the left side page glue a comic panel with one of the words underlined.

4. On the right side page write the word, the part of speech, and the definition of the part of speech


Did the student get the correct part of speech with each word?

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