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  • Bingo cards (Activity Master AP.001.AM1a - AP.001.AM1b)
    Each card has different words.
    Homophone word cards (Activity Master AP.001.AM2a - AP.001.AM2b)


  • The student will identify variant correspondences in words.

Resource Instructions

Students match homophones by playing a bingo-type game.
1. Place the word cards face down in a stack. Provide each student with a different bingo card.
2. Taking turns, students select the top card and read the word (e.g., arc).
3. Look for the matching homophone on the bingo card. If there is a match, spell each word and state the difference in the spelling pattern. For example, “Arc is spelled a-r-c and ark is spelled a-r-k. The /k/ sound is spelled with a ‘c’ in one word and a ‘k’ in the other.” Place the word card on the corresponding word on the bingo card (e.g., ark).
4. If no match, return card to the bottom of the stack.
5. The game is finished when one bingo card is covered with word cards and a student says “Homophone Bingo!”
6. Peer evaluation


Record the homophones and circle the spelling differences
(Activity Master AP.001.SS1a - AP.001.SS1b).
Make other bingo and corresponding word cards (Activity Masters AP.001.AM3, AP.001.AM4).Write sentences to demonstrate the meanings of the homophones.


peer evaluation

use homophones correctly in sentences

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